Price list

Hinge opening side
(push side)
MK1A $80 each
MK1C $80 each
Protruding Hinge side
(pull side)
MK1B $50 each
The prices are exclusive of delivery costs and GST.
Delivery is by courier and the price depends on both the total weight of the order plus the postcode for the delivery.
All finger guards are 2032mm in length.
All Fingersafe products are manufactured in the UK of PVC-U and TPE (Thermo Plastic Elastomer).
Fingersafe is available in Australia and New Zealand only through the exclusive Australian distributor via this website.

Frequently asked questions

Do I need to protect both sides of the door?

If a child can only access one side of a door, such as a closet then only one side requires protection.
If a child can access the hinged end of the door it should be Fingersafe.

Forms of Payment?

All major forms of payment are accepted: Visa, Mastercard or Direct Deposit Payment in full is required prior to dispatch.

When do you ship?

All orders are shipped via courier with delivery generally 1-2 business days.

How do I take care of Fingersafe?

For cleaning, Fingersafe can be wiped down with any household cleaner and a good scrub!

How do I know what doors to protect?

All doors require protection on the push side. Doors that open more than 90 degrees require protection on the pull side of the door.
Company policy may stipulate protection on both sides.

How do I install Fingersafe?

Retrofitted for existing doors.
Only basic DIY knowledge of tools and a standard power drill is needed.

Is my door compatible?

Our finger pinch guards are compatible with most standard hinged doors and gates: wood, metal, steel and aluminium.
Sliding doors and double swing doors are NOT compatible.

Do you use adhesive?

No, all hinge guards include self-tapping screws for installation.
Adhesive strips damage existing frames and are not durable for commercial applications.

Is there a warranty?

Fingersafe offers a 2 year conditional warranty.
We stand behind our product 100% but we cannot be liable for incorrect installation.

Fingersafe has worldwide distributors, you can visit their websites by clicking the flags below.

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