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Door danger safety products. Fingersafe Australia® finger and hand injury protection safety products are easy to install fitting full length on both sides of doors. The concertina shape protects, guards and shields from accidents and injuries involving fingers or hands being trapped or crushed in hinged sides of opening and closing doors.

Fingersafe® suits most door types including butt hinge hung, flush, bi-fold, UPVC and fire doors, allowing 180 degree opening. Fingersafe® is considered a necessity by Health and Safety officers worldwide. Fitting Fingersafe® products is simple with only a basic DIY knowledge. Without Fingersafe® protection the hinged gaps of doors can exert a massive amount of pressure on trapped hands or fingers.

Fingersafe® is installed in many high street establishments, educational buildings and healthcare centres nationwide. For child safety Fingersafe® is considered an essential fixture in schools and nurseries.

Fingersafe® – the only one to offer full safety and durability keeping fingers safe from trapping and crushing injuries.

MK1A Door Safety Product MK1B Door Safety Product
MK1C Door Safety Product MK1C Special Door Safety Product MK1C Bi-Fold Door Safety Product


for Hinge Opening Side


for Hinge Pin Side


for Commercial Aluminium, Bi-fold, Flush fit and upvc Doors

For quality control purposes all Fingersafe® products
are manufactured and tested in the UK

Fingersafe® MK1A

Stocked length :

1930mm (6ft 4in)
2032mm (6ft 8in)

allowing a full 12.5cm (5in) door opening

Fingersafe® MK1B

Stocked length :

1930mm (6ft 4in)
2032mm (6ft 8in)

Fingersafe® MK1C

Stocked length :

2032mm (6ft 8in)

allowing a full 12.5cm (5in) door opening

MK1B accommodates parliament (extended) hinges

Other lengths are available and can be modified to accommodate wider openings up to 21.5cm (8.5in)

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Fingersafe Australia®, under license from Fingersafe International. Copyright Fingersafe International 2011. World patent owners for Fingersafe Door Safety Products.
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